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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Big Monkey2KongBeals Island[1:251:4]
Big Monkey2KongDaicey Pond[1:375:10]
Big Monkey2KongMoon[1:375:10m]
Big Monkey2KongBrunswick[1:375:2]
Big Monkey2KongKatahdin[1:375:4]
Big Monkey2KongBaxter[1:375:5]
Big Monkey2KongHe’s alive, and DD too!![1:375:6h]
Big Monkey2KongAcadia[1:375:7]
Big Monkey2KongSting was obviously[1:499:14]
Big Monkey2KongOld Orchard Beach[3:100:8]
Big Monkey2KongColony[4:153:12]